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Friday February 5, your world and ours will collide.


Two of Miami’s most respected crews unite for a night that promises to be as unforgettable as Unicorns with a double rainbow sky.
LinkMiamiRebels welcome at Trade their home, the Longtime Downtown / Wynwood child PL0T .

It’s not usual for the Miami scene to see teams like these come together under one roof and for one cause. Setting aside any kind of obscure feelings and interpretations the crews will curate this night as a whole, as one, with one vision and one final goal… to make YOU, YOU and YOU Dance!


With all that blah blah said, let’s get to the business…
We’re thrilled to bring you the founder and man behind one of the most sought out and respected labels of modern Electronic Music history, Life and Death that is. After a long series of travels around the world, from Amsterdam to Argentina, to Moscow, BPM and to most recently Australia and With Miami holding a close place to his heart, we’re sure the heat will be at all times high. Dj Tennis is coming with his whole arsenal to his first night ever at Trade and ready to blow our minds.


Dj Tennis
| Life and Death |

Ms. Mada & Ricardo.

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One. Night. Only